Race Report: Gobi March 2017 (June 2017)

This 7-day multi-stage race which is self-provided meaning bring own ration, sleeping bag, toilet paper etc is my first attempt of such nature. 4Desert did very well in terms of organizing this event with great support from the medical team and volunteers.
The experience with the beautiful sceneries can be seen from the photos. My yurt (Devil City tent) where 8 runners were allocated in, had great and fun people not to mention 2 podium runners – both for male and female category – outstanding!
Stage 1 started with Sand Dune ( Barkhol Dune ) experience. Truly steep elevation and soft sand and on the ridge, no margin for error as you would topple down both sides otherwise.
Stage 2 – forest and climb…..nice cold scenery
Stage 3 – Very steep long climb up and then heavy downpour to add to the technical difficulty. Truly spectacular view.
Stage 4 – Long and hot and climb and then nice forest and mountain view. Truly amazing scenery with several water crossings and not to mention rocky terrain too.
Then rest day had surprise Hami fruit and big round Bread/Biscuit for tea. Wonderful surprise. Just to prepare for the onslaught of the gruesome long march ahead.
Stage 5-6 – 82km long march…..never ending pebble sand/cracked mud/uneven terrain and very hot sun 47C though ground temperature recorded was 56C ! Luckily we had a mandatory 3-hr stop…..else many casualties can be expected. 12-15% fall out rate is norm !!
Met many great people and runners in the 7-day encounter.
Carrying a 12.5kg pack and run/walk is still a daunting experience. But crossing the finish line was such a relief and proud to be a 4Desert participant. Great medal surprise too.
Thanks to the poison injected by Sharky aka Fuse Lee.
Team SL with Jeremy, Fuse and myself succeeded in our desert experience. Yeah.

Catch highlights from The Gobi March 2017 here, with Master Coach Clarence Chan featured.

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