What is chiRunning?

WHY CHOOSE chiRunning?

Prevent Run-related Injuries

The two causes of running injuries are impact and overuse. Impact affects your joints – from hitting the ground too hard as you run. Overuse injuries happen in your muscles when you demand more from them than they can deliver.


ChiRunning emphasizes on using the right muscles for the right movements to reduce these overuse injuries, allowing you to enjoy each run with no pain.


Go Further With Lesser Effort

It might sound counter-intuitive, but running with your legs relaxed is the secret to efficiency, endurance and speed. When you learn how to use gravity to assist your running, your legs will feel like they took the day off.


This is one of the secrets to ChiRunning that enables athletes to achieve their long distance running goals.

A Lifestyle… For Life

ChiRunning techniques not only allow you to harness your muscles correctly, they also build a stronger body through conditioning, and a healthier mind through intentional focus and mindfulness in your run or walk. 


These contribute to prolonged healthfulness that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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